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Lechner and Sons provides a broad range of products and services to help our customers improve their professional image, employee morale, facility safety and cleanliness. 

Lechner and Sons is uniform rental where the customer comes first.

Garment Services

Uniform Rental

Lechner and Sons has specialized in uniform rental for over 40 years and customer satisfaction is our top priority. All of our garments are tracked with an RFID computer chip, which allows us to track our garments with 99% accuracy, making delivery shortages a thing of the past. We have a fully integrated website that allows our customers to manage their entire uniform program online. Our website gives you the ability to see how many uniforms each employee turned in on a weekly basis, add or delete people from your program, request size changes and upgrades, print your invoices and make payments . . . all in one place.

We provide uniform service to almost every industry, including:

• Manufacturing
• Food Processing
• Automotive
• Property Management
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Food & Beverage
• Professional Residential Services
• Professional Corporate Services

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Flame Resistant Clothing

Regardless of what industry you are in, Lechner and Sons has your flame resistant uniforms needs. We provide flame resistant garments for the following:

• Petroleum Refining
• Chemical Manufacturing
• Electric or Gas Utility
• Manufacturing
• Molten Metal

We customize flame resistant uniform programs based on the customer’s requirements. All of our flame resistant garments comply or exceed industry standards.

Selecting the proper garment and material is part of the overall flame resistant safety solution. Proper laundering and care of the garment is essential for the continued long-term protection of your employees.

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Facility Services

Floor Care and Dust Control

A Lechner and Sons floor mat program is designed to help you enhance your workplace environment by stopping dirt and dust from being tracked throughout your facility. We provide a regularly scheduled service visit to exchange soiled floor mats with clean, sanitized floor mats. A floor mat service will make sure that your facility looks great and is safe for employees and customers.

Did you know?
• 80% of all the dirt and dust in commercial buildings is tracked in from the outdoors
• $15,000 is the approximate cost of the average slip and fall
• $400 is the approximate cost to remove one pound of dirt from a commercial building

The floor mats we offer include:
• Carpeted Runner and Walk-Off Mats
• Outdoor Scrapper Mats
• Anti-Fatigue Mats
• Custom Logo Mats

A Lechner and Sons mop program is a cost effective way to ensure that you always have clean/sanitized mops to maintain your building's cleanliness and safety. We provide a regularly scheduled service visit to exchange soiled mop heads with clean, sanitized mop heads.

The mops we offer include:
• Dust Mops: 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”
• Wet Mops
• Microfiber Mops

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Restroom Products

A Lechner and Sons restroom program ensures that your restrooms not only look and smell great, but also reflect the professional image that you, your employees and your customers expect. We provide a regularly scheduled service to make sure that product is always available. We also check each dispenser to make sure that it is functional and working great. Our restroom products have great price points and our service will exceed your expectations.

The restroom products we offer include:
• Air Fresheners
• Foam Hand Soap
• Industrial Hand Soap
• Cloth Roll Towels
• Toilet Paper
• Paper Towels
• Auto Flush Systems
• Urinal Screens
• Urinal Mats

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Towel Rental Services

We provide towel services for a variety of industries. If your business requires shop towels, bath towels, hand towels or microfiber towels, we’ve got what you need at prices that you can afford!

When something spills, our easy-to-spot red shop towel makes clean-up a snap. Crafted from soft, absorbent 100% cotton terry cloth, it’s ideal for wiping down tools and wiping up spills.

Make cleaning more efficient with our multipurpose towels. Constructed of 100% microfiber, these cleaning cloths are well suited to tidying nearly any space, from countertops to bedside tables.

When you need to dry off, sink into the softness of our fluffy, hotel-quality bath towel. Plush yet economical, the 100% ring spun cotton construction gets softer and softer, wash after wash.

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First Aid

First Aid Supply

Managed First Aid Program
Our well-trained facility services representatives take ownership of your program. With regularly scheduled visits by Lechner First Aid Supply representatives who will restock, remove expired products, and organize first aid supplies, our clients have the peace-of-mind they deserve.

Safer Work Environment
A fully managed first aid program equates a safer work environment. First aid and safety supplies such as bandages, safety goggles, and AEDs are readily available when necessary.

Stay Compliant
With a well-managed inventory program, first aid cabinets remain fully stocked with high quality safety products by trained employees. We help businesses stay OSHA compliant and more productive with minimized risk.

Save Cost
Lechner First Aid Supply offers fair pricing for an effectively stocked inventory that eliminates overstock and expired product. This gives us the ability be completely transparent with our billing.

Less Down Time
Lechner First Aid Supply provides clients with an employee turnover solution by maintaining a properly managed first aid program. Employees who have consistent access to safety and health products helps increase overall health, morale, and productivity.

For a consultation on how Lechner First Aid Supply can help, contact Lechner Services at 847-789-3800.

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